The recently re-opened hotel Moselkern occupies a superb location directly next to the river Mosel, only a few kilometres from the most beautiful sights.


An idyllic wine village that lies on the sunny banks of the river Mosel.

MoselkernMoselkern lies opposite the 83 metres high Druid Stone in the Eltz valley, approximately 20 kilometres from Cochem and 36 kilometres from Koblenz.

Todays Moselkern, which was first documented around 1100 as Kern, is an idyllic wine village that lies on the sunny banks of the river Mosel and is part of the German wine route.

Moselkern is well known, nationally and internationally, for its sights and its vineyards including ‘Rosenberg’, ‘Kirchberg’ and ‘Uberelzer’.

The sights which are annually visited by thousands of guests include the Eltz castle, the Parrish church St Valerius fronting the Merowinger cross and the old timbered town hall.

In addition to the sights, the romantic Eltz valley offers beautiful hiking routes through the vineyards and the Mosel bicycle path downstream towards Hatzenport, Loef and Kattenes and upstream towards Mueden, Treis-Karden, Pommern and Klatten.

Furthermore you can do a boat tour on one of the Mosel boats, which offer trips to Koblenz, Cochem and Trier. The landing place is located close to the hotel Moselkern.

The old wine village Moselkern, nestled between the Eifel and Hundsrueck mountains, is always worth the journey and offers every guest space to relax.

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